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Submission Guidelines

Welcome to Android We are excited to be a platform of choice for Android developers to share their latest app releases and updates with the Android community. To ensure a seamless and effective submission process, please adhere to the following criteria and guidelines:

1. Relevance:

Submissions should focus specifically on Android app releases, updates, and noteworthy news relevant to the Android developer community. Please ensure that your submission aligns with our platform’s theme and purpose.

2. Innovation and Uniqueness:

We look for apps that bring something new or significantly improved to the Android platform, whether in functionality, design, or user experience.

 3. Originality:

We value original content. Please submit news that has not been published elsewhere. This ensures that our readers receive fresh and exclusive news about your Android app release.

4. Timeliness:

To keep our content current and engaging, we request that submissions be timely. Please share news that reflects recent developments within the last month.

5. Content-Type:

We welcome a variety of content types, including announcements for app launches, major updates, notable features, and significant milestones. Your submission should be informative and captivating for our audience. It should be accessible to a broad audience, including non-technical readers.

6. Formatting:

Clear and concise language is key. Craft your submission with proper grammar and spelling. Include a compelling title that accurately represents the content. Your effort in the presentation enhances the overall reader experience.

Required Information:

1. App Details: Provide essential information such as the app name, developer/publisher name, app category, and version number.

2. Release Information: Include a brief yet comprehensive description of the release or update, highlighting key features, improvements, and the release date.

3. Visual Assets: Enhance your submission with visual elements. Attach a high-quality app icon, a minimum of three screenshots, and any promo graphics or banners if available.

4. Links: Include direct links to your app on the Google Play Store and, if applicable, to the official website or landing page.

5. Contact Information: To facilitate communication, provide a valid contact email. This allows our team to reach out for any additional information or clarification.

6. Submission: Use our designated submission form or portal, including all required details and media.

7. Review Process: Expect a thorough review by our editorial team, ensuring adherence to guidelines and maintaining high-quality standards.

8. Notification: You will receive a notification regarding the status of your submission within 3 business days.

Additional Tips:

Craft a compelling press release to accompany your submission. Share insights into your development process, challenges faced, and plans to engage our audience.

Thank you for choosing Android as the platform to showcase your Android app release news. Your app release news is not just a notification it’s a story about your app’s journey and innovation. By sharing detailed, engaging, and informative release notes, you help users understand and appreciate the value your app brings to the Android ecosystem. We’re excited to share your story!
We look forward to featuring your exciting developments and contributing to the vibrancy of the Android developer community!