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Submission Guidelines


Welcome to Android Newswire! We’re thrilled to be your platform of choice for sharing Press Release for your Android Apps. Our Press Release Submission Guidelines ensure a smooth process for contributing to our vibrant Android community.  Follow these steps to make your submission stand out and reach a wide audience including our dedicated reader community of entrepreneurs, Android developers, tech enthusiasts, and students.

Eligibility and Focus:

Press releases should exclusively focus on Android-related topics such as innovations, app launches, software updates, and industry trends. Ensure that your content aligns with our audience’s interests and adds value to the Android ecosystem.


Craft a compelling press release by incorporating essential keywords naturally. Use clear headings and bullet points to enhance readability. Aim for a length of 300-350 words, keeping the content concise and impactful.


Utilise our user-friendly submission portal to upload your press release. Provide a captivating title and a brief yet compelling summary to grab the attention of both our editors and readers.

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Our editorial team will carefully review your submission for relevance, quality, and adherence to guidelines. This process ensures that only the most valuable and pertinent content is featured on Android Newswire.


Upon review completion, you will be notified of the status of your submission. If approved, your press release will be featured on our platform, reaching a broad audience of Android enthusiasts.

Best Practices:

Focus on User Impact: Craft content that resonates with our users, providing insights and information that directly impact their Android experience.

Avoid Over-Promotion: Maintain a balance between promotion and information. Overly promotional content may be subject to rejection.

Update History: If your press release contains updates or follow-up information, clearly highlight these additions. This ensures that our audience stays informed about the latest developments.

Contact Information: Include accurate contact information for media inquiries. This fosters transparency and allows our editorial team to reach out if additional details are needed.


Thank you for choosing  as your platform for sharing valuable Android insights. We look forward to featuring your submissions and contributing to the dynamic Android community together!