Android 14 May Introduce a New Feature to Now Playing On Pixel Phones

Author : Smith
Publish Date : April 19, 2023
Categories : Mobiles
Tags : Android 14

A summary page for the music you’ve heard in the last 30 days is the new feature. The data is organised on the page by genre, most popular artists, and other factors. Playing has been a feature of Pixel phones for years. It, like other music discovery apps, allows Pixel phones to automatically tell you what song is playing. It can even provide a history of the songs you’ve previously listened to. It now appears that it will be getting a fun new feature in the future.

This tab was discovered in an Android 14 build of a newer version of Now Playing. This tab, as the name implies, pulls information from your phone and summarizes what you’ve listened to. It specifically uses data from the last 30 days and categorises it by genre, artist, and frequency with which you’ve heard the songs.

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