Android 14 Qpr2 Has More Hidden Features

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Publish Date : December 13, 2023
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Google released the second beta for Android 14 QPR2 earlier today, allowing users to stress test the next quarterly platform release, which is scheduled to arrive in March 2024 for Pixel users. Every quarterly platform release teases features that will appear in the next major Android release, which in this case will be Android 15 in 2024.

Android 14 Qpr2 Has More Hidden Features

Have you ever received a barrage of notifications from a single app? If so, you should enable Android’s “Notification cooldown” feature as soon as it becomes available. This feature can be found in Settings Notifications, “gradually lower[s] the notification volume when you get many successive notifications from the same app.”

You can apply the notification cooldown to all notifications or just conversations. You’ll also be able to stop your phone from vibrating until the screen is unlocked. This way, when an app or contact spams your notifications, your phone will not vibrate repeatedly.

  • Android is preparing to add built-in phishing protection
  • Android may soon make it even easier to switch Bluetooth devices

Google Lens makes it simple to search your computer screen. Simply open Google Assistant and tap the “search your screen” chip that appears. This sends the current app’s screenshot to Lens for analysis, and you can tap on any text or image it recognises to see relevant search results or perform various actions. Many people may be unaware that they can do this, which is why Google appears to be adding a built-in screen search gesture.

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