Android Readies ‘Private Space’ For Apps

Author : Smith
Publish Date : December 13, 2023
Categories : Android News

There are a plethora of Android apps available, but some of them should be hidden when not in use. You’ve seen them. Google is working on a new “Private Space” to protect your most sensitive apps, according to the latest Android preview.

It’s all too common to want to keep Android apps hidden, and many launchers provide a way to hide or disguise an app from prying eyes. Both OnePlus and Samsung include a built-in method for storing apps in a “Hidden Space,” ensuring your privacy is preserved if you ever need to hand your phone over to someone else.

One advantage of having Private Space built into Android is that the apps will not simply disappear from the launcher. Even Android’s settings app, privacy tools, and permissions manager won’t reveal your hidden apps unless you first unlock the Private Space.

You can lock Private Space with the same password, pattern, or PIN that you use to unlock your Android device for convenience. Of course, this has the disadvantage of allowing anyone with access to your phone to also unlock your hidden apps. You can also select a different lock.

Google has even included notices informing employees that the experience is still in its early stages. Given its current state of Android Ecosystem, we believe Android 15 is a more reliable prediction for when Private Space will be available.

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