Anyone Can Generate Music with This New AI Tool

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Publish Date : December 22, 2023
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In recent months, the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to expand, showcasing its ability to create music through AI music makers. This emerging field is now paving the way for generative AI, with a new AI music generator called Suno at the forefront. This news of Anyone can generate music with this new AI tool explores how AI technology is reshaping the music industry, focusing on the innovative features and accessibility offered by Suno.

To utilize Suno’s services, users are required to create an account using either their Discord or Google account. Once registered, they are granted 50 free credits before needing to subscribe. There are two subscription tiers available: the more affordable option, priced at $8 per month, allows for the generation of approximately 500 songs, while the higher tier, valued at $30 per month, offers the capacity to create around 2,000 songs.

When users access the official Suno Create page, they will encounter a straightforward interface. Positioned on the left side of the screen is a text field, where users can input the desired lyrics for their song. This tool not only allows users to define the structure by indicating verses, choruses, and other elements such as drum solos and guitar interludes but also encourages creativity without limitations.

With the rise of AI music makers, the possibilities for generating music have become virtually boundless. Suno, an AI music generator, has emerged as a pioneering force in this rapidly evolving field. By offering various subscription options and a user-friendly interface, Suno empowers music enthusiasts to unlock their creativity and explore new dimensions of musical expression. As we witness AI’s ability to take on increasingly complex tasks, the future of music creation is

This appears to be a fun tool to experiment with. You never know when you’ll come up with the next big hit. This tool is also available as an extension for Microsoft to be forever transformed.

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