Apple Should Incorporate 5 Android Features Into iOS

Author : Smith
Publish Date : April 3, 2023
Categories : Android News
Tags : Apple

There are a huge number of top-notch smartphones available. Every one caters to various demands, spending limits, and standards. Although these phones are very different from one another, their operating systems are what really distinguish them. Although both Android and iOS have imitated one another, there is still much that these two operating systems can learn from one another.

As user of an iPhone 14 Pro, we would like Apple to add the following 5 Android features to iOS namely as Improved notifications, proper default app selection, personalised icon packs, a versatile control centre, and flexible home and lock screens.

There are many great things about the iPhone. It will never be flawless, though, just like any other device. There will always be room for improvement in order to enhance the overall experience.

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