Apple to Make All Its Products Carbon-neutral by 2030

Author : Smith
Publish Date : April 6, 2023
Categories : Android News
Tags : Apple

In 2017, Apple relocated its corporate offices to the futuristic Apple Park, which is powered entirely by renewable energy thanks to a sizable installation of 17 megawatts of solar panels on the campus’ roof. Other clever design features include relying on natural ventilation for 9 months out of the year rather than heating or cooling.

Apple’s headquarters are already carbon neutral, and the company is now working to make its manufacturing partners carbon neutral as well. They now consume 13.7 gigawatts of renewable electricity, an increase of 30% from 2022.

By 2030, every Apple product must be carbon-neutral. To make the transition to green power sources, which will account for a total of more than 20 gigawatts, it is collaborating with 250 suppliers in 28 different countries.

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