ChromeOS 120 Rolling Out

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Publish Date : January 9, 2024
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Google has recently announced the release of ChromeOS 120, which includes a range of usability tweaks designed to enhance the Chromebook experience. These updates will be rolled out to users over the coming days, offering a more seamless and efficient use of the operating system. ChromeOS 120 rolling out has become one of the latest news release in the market.

One of the notable additions in version 120 is the Virtual Desk Button, located on the ChromeOS Shelf alongside the pinned app icons. This button allows users to quickly switch between different virtual desks, with the name of the currently active grouping displayed. By simply hovering over the button, left and right arrows appear, enabling easy navigation between desks. This new feature will undoubtedly enhance productivity and organization for users who heavily rely on virtual desktops.

Additionally, a significant improvement pertains to the Nearby Share feature, which was initially introduced to Android devices in 2022. With the latest update, Nearby Share Self Share has been enabled on Chromebooks, allowing automatic acceptance of transfers between devices logged into the same Google Account, even when the Chromebook’s screen is turned off. This functionality facilitates seamless and uninterrupted file sharing, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

ChromeOS 120 introduces a user-friendly enhancement regarding Picture-in-Picture (PiP) windows. Now, users can resize PiP windows by simply pinching in or out on touchscreens, rather than having to drag the top-left corner. This convenient gesture-based resizing simplifies the user experience and provides more intuitive control over window sizes.

Finally, the release of ChromeOS 120 with its numerous usability tweaks demonstrates Google’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the functionality and user experience of Chromebooks. Users can look forward to enjoying features such as the Virtual Desk Button, Nearby Share Self Share, and improved PiP window resizing, all of which contribute to a more seamless and efficient computing experience. With these updates, Google continues to solidify its position as a leader in the realm of operating systems, continually striving to provide an exceptional user experience.

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