Coming soon to WhatsApp: ‘Audio chats’ on Android

Author : Smith
Publish Date : March 28, 2023
Categories : Android News
Tags : Meta | Twitter | WhatsApp

A new waveforms icon will be added to the chat’s header, enabling users to start audio chats. Furthermore, users will be able to end ongoing calls by pressing a red button. According to the report, the space above the chat header could be reserved for displaying an audio waveform icon, which indicates the possibility of real-time audio visualisation.

Within conversations, audio chats will be available. The Meta-owned platform intends to provide a minimalistic interface that will allow users to view audio waveforms while navigating between conversations. The new voice-calling functionality will complement its recently introduced Communities, particularly for groups. The new voice calls update will mimic group voice chats similar to those found in Twitter Spaces, Discord, and Slack Huddles.

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