Cross-device Services from Google Are Now available on the Play Store and Will Power Chromebook App Streaming

Author : Smith
Publish Date : April 5, 2023
Categories : Google

This Cross-Device Services app “allows you to do things like reply to a message, check the status of a rideshare, or start/edit your shopping list from your Chromebook,” according to the Google Play listing. You can focus while using your Chromebook without having to switch between devices, which save time.

The feature set described today is much more extensive than the one that was initially announced for the January 2022 messaging, and every app on your phone appears to be accessible. The “Recent apps” section of the ChromeOS Phone Hub will have a row of icons and a link to a “All apps” list, according to screenshots. “Apps from your phone” will be available for you to browse through before launching.

In order to demonstrate the streaming capabilities, Google Calendar is used. The app appears in a floating window that indicates the device it is coming from.

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