Developers Can Now Use Gemini

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Publish Date : December 14, 2023
Categories : Google

When it comes to the world of artificial intelligence (AI), Google has faced a few setbacks in unveiling its models and tools. Two notable instances include Bard’s mistake and the faked Gemini hands-on video. However, despite these hiccups, the tech giant continues to forge ahead. In fact, a recent news release report reveals that Gemini is now available for developers to use, opening up another avenue for accessing this cutting-edge tool.

For developers aiming to create their own AI applications, access to AI models is crucial. While Meta has been making strides in providing open-source AI tools to the public, many of these tools are hidden behind paywalls, posing challenges for aspiring developers.

Google, on the other hand, might not offer an open-source tool, but it does provide one that is free to use. Gemini has just been released, enabling developers to harness its power for their own applications. To aid in this endeavor, Google has made software development kits (SDKs) available, allowing developers to build apps that utilize the Gemini model. Moreover, developers have a choice of programming languages such as Python, Kotlin, Node.js, Swift, and JavaScript for their projects.

Gemini boasts a range of features, including function calling, embeddings, semantic retrieval, custom knowledge grounding, and chat functionality. These capabilities offer developers a wealth of possibilities to explore and integrate into their AI applications.

Finally, despite facing previous setbacks, Google persists in its mission to advance AI tools and models. The release of Gemini for developers demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering innovation and accessibility in the AI space. With its wide array of features and flexible SDKs, Gemini provides developers with a powerful tool to realize their ambitions in the realm of AI.

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