Google Assistant Driving Mode Is Shutting Down

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Publish Date : February 1, 2024
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In a surprising move, Google Assistant Driving Mode is set to shut down in February, as indicated by a new banner on the home screen. While an exact date for the shutdown remains unclear, it is expected to occur later in the month. Although the future of other features, such as music controls, remains uncertain, they may continue to be available despite the shutdown. The news release of Google assistant driving mode is shutting down going to be interesting move.

This announcement comes on the heels of Google Assistant losing over a dozen features in January. It seems that Google is systematically dismantling its former flagship product. Strings hidden within the Google app had previously hinted at the demise of Google Assistant Driving Mode, and now the company is confirming it with a banner on the Driving Mode home screen.

To access the Google Assistant Driving Mode home screen, users can initiate car navigation in Google Maps and then tap the four squares button located in the bottom right corner, according to Google’s help page.

While the news of Google Assistant Driving Mode shutting down may disappoint its users, it also raises questions about the future direction of Google’s AI-powered assistant. As Google continues to refine its offerings and streamline its services, users can expect the company to introduce new features and functionalities that align with its evolving vision.

The familiar home screen of Google Assistant Driving Mode now includes a new banner at the bottom that reads, “This view is going away in February.” For the time being, you can dismiss it by tapping the x button within it. There is no additional information available in the banner, and no link to a more detailed explanation.

Finally, the impending shutdown of Google Assistant Driving Mode marks yet another reduction in the capabilities of the popular virtual assistant. As users wait to learn the exact date of the shutdown, they can only speculate about the potential implications for the broader Google Assistant ecosystem.

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