Google Duet AI Can Now Remove Backgrounds from Images

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Publish Date : December 29, 2023
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Google has recently introduced an impressive new feature to its Duet AI, an all-in-one AI-powered collaborator specifically designed for Workspace users. With this latest enhancement, Duet AI now has the capability to remove the background of images in Google Slides and Drawings, making it an incredibly valuable tool for users in need of clean and professional-looking visuals. The latest news in Android conveys that Google Duet AI can now remove backgrounds from images.

The process of removing backgrounds using Duet AI is both simple and intuitive. Upon uploading an image into Google Slides or Drawings, users can conveniently right-click on the image to reveal a context menu. Included in this menu is a newly added option called “Remove background,” positioned at the bottom of the menu, just below other commonly used features such as Crop, Replace, and Reset. Alternatively, a shortcut button to remove the background is available on the top toolbar. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, the Format options on the toolbar also offer an “Image” tab where the “Remove background” feature can be found.

When users select the “Remove background” option, Duet AI swiftly processes the image, taking merely a few seconds to separate the main subject from its background. The result is an image that appears against a blank, white backdrop, providing users with a clean and focused visual asset.

Initially released as an experimental tool and new updates on Android, Duet AI has been made accessible to interested users who signed up for the Workspace AI Labs. This means that users who are keen to leverage the power of Duet AI’s background removal feature need to register through the Workspace AI Labs in order to enjoy its benefits.

Overall, Google’s introduction of the background removal feature in Duet AI is an exciting development for Workspace users. It showcases Google’s dedication to enhancing their AI-powered tools and providing users with efficient, user-friendly solutions to their productivity needs. With the ability to effortlessly remove backgrounds from images, Duet AI offers a valuable asset to professionals seeking to polish their presentations, visuals, and documents within the Google Workspace environment.

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