Google Intends To Take AI Spam Call Blocking A Step Further This Year

Author : Smith
Publish Date : April 13, 2023
Categories : Google

Call blocking is one of the reasons people prefer Pixel phones. Pixel phones are excellent at filtering spam calls and silencing those that are questionable. In addition, there is the call screening feature. The Assistant will pick up the phone for you and dictate what the caller says in real time.

As effective as Google’s efforts on this front are, the company wants to go even further. Eccles discussed the company’s plans for dealing with spam calls during the podcast episode. Google envisions a “future where you should never, ever be annoyed by the thought. Google appears to be working on incorporating Bard or its Large Language Model into its call blocking. In terms of creating this protective and helpful layer at the front of every incoming call, AI could open a lot of interesting doors.

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