Google Maps Seemingly Getting A 3D Update

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Publish Date : January 10, 2024
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Google Maps, the widely used navigation app, is rolling out a new update that adds an exciting feature to its platform. Users can now enjoy 3D building views during navigation, not only on Android and iOS but also on Android Auto. While Google Maps has supported 3D buildings for some time, this update introduces the ability to view them while in navigation mode. Google maps seemingly getting a 3d update is good news for users.

Previously, users had to enable a specific layer within the app to see 3D buildings, as they didn’t appear by default. Whether it’s a city or a smaller area, all buildings now show up in stunning 3D. However, until recently, these 3D buildings remained invisible during navigation. According to reports on Reddit, both Android and iOS versions of Google Maps have begun displaying 3D buildings during navigation.

To access this feature, users need to enable the 3D view before initiating navigation on the Google Maps app. It’s important to note that when in this mode, the user experience is slightly different. The view becomes more zoomed-in compared to the default navigation view, requiring some adjustment from users. Furthermore, this update extends to the Android Auto version of the Google Maps app, ensuring a consistent experience across platforms.

If the buildings block the path, they become transparent. It appears that the feature is not yet available to everyone and is being tested. A few users did get a taste of this new feature back in mid-December, and it appears that the feature has been expanded to some more users.

Eventually, the latest update to Google Maps introduces an exciting enhancement for users. The ability to view 3D buildings during navigation on Android, iOS, and Android Auto transforms the mapping experience. By enabling the 3D view and adjusting to the zoomed-in perspective, users can now enjoy a more immersive and visually appealing journey. This update further solidifies Google Maps’ position as one of the leading navigation apps, constantly evolving to meet user demands and surpass expectations.

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