Here’s a Look at Gmail’s Generative AI

Author : Smith
Publish Date : March 24, 2023
Categories : Google
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Google, one of the most powerful AI companies, plans to integrate generative AI into Gmail. Gmail already incorporates AI. It is used by the app to provide you with reply suggestions. It can also help you increase your workflow by autofilling sentences. While that’s cool, Google wants to take it a step further. Google wants to add a ChatGTP-style email generator to Gmail. When you’re typing a new message, a new button will appear. When you click the Help me write button, a text field will appear.

What you should do is tell it what kind of email you want it to send. This appears to be a useful way for people to use AI to type up emails if they are having difficulty wording them correctly. Most people are unlikely to want AI to type up all of their emails for them. However, this could help people come up with ideas for what to write. That is why the button is titled ” Help me in writing.” Complete this email for me.

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