How Google Bard and Gemini Are Different

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Publish Date : January 2, 2024
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Google launched Bard in March of 2021 as a chatbot designed to rival existing chatbot platforms like ChatGPT. When interacting with Bard, users are presented with a text-based interface in which they can enter prompts and receive corresponding results. What sets Bard apart is its ability to accept image inputs, generating text-based responses. This interactive experience can be likened to directly engaging with someone and receiving responses in real-time. This news blog discuss about How Google Bard and Gemini are different.

The news about Android suggests for those unfamiliar with Google’s Gemini, it was launched on December 6th, 2023. Unlike Bard, Gemini is a multimodal model capable of processing different forms of media. Users can feed it not only text but also images, video, and audio. The strength of Gemini lies in its ability to comprehend and understand the content present in various media formats.

The news release of Gemini raised questions regarding the coexistence of Bard, and whether one would replace the other. Further confusion arose when it was revealed that Bard was actually powered by Gemini. To fully understand the significance of Bard and Gemini, it is crucial to recognize that they are distinct entities serving different purposes within Google’s chatbot ecosystem.

As previously stated, Bard is the chatbot. Gemini, on the other hand, is a “Model” rather than a chatbot. If Bard is a person’s face, Gemini is their brain. You’ve probably heard of companies scraping data from the internet to train models. All of the data from the internet is fed directly into the model, which is being trained.

In conclusion, Bard, launched by Google in 2021, offers users an interactive chatbot experience through a text-based interface. It competes with platforms such as ChatGPT and enables users to input text prompts and images to receive corresponding text-based responses. On the other hand, Google’s Gemini, which debuted in 2023, is a multimodal model capable of comprehending and processing various forms of media, including text, images, video, and audio. While Bard and Gemini might have raised initial confusion, understanding their distinct roles illuminates Google’s vision for an enhanced chatbot landscape.

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