Improve Your Reading Abilities with a New Google Play Books Feature

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Publish Date : December 12, 2023
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Google has added a new ‘Reading practice’ feature to its Play Books Android app and Kids Space, which will assist readers in improving their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Reading practice in thousands of children’s ebooks helps new readers improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills independently. The feature is only available in the United States and will highlight text as the user reads aloud, keeping track of where they are in the book and assisting them in focusing on the next word. Among latest news In Android this news release blog will benefit global users.

Early Readers Can Benefit From Reading Practice In The Following Ways:

Track their reading position

As they read aloud, the text will be highlighted, indicating where they are in the book and assisting them in focusing on the next word.

Hear a word

If they’re not sure how to pronounce a word, they can tap it to hear how it sounds. They can also hear a word broken down by syllable with a quick tap.

Hear A Sentence:

New readers can listen to an entire sentence for more contexts.

Define A Word:

They can tap to see or hear a child-friendly definition of a word to learn more.

Set a New Reading Position

They can update their position in the book by tapping any word and begin tracking from there.

Practice A Challenging Word:

They’ll be able to practise any words they skipped or mispronounced at the bottom of the page.

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