In France, Fire-fighters Use Samsung’s Tough Galaxy Tab Active 3 Tablet

Author : Smith
Publish Date : March 22, 2023
Categories : Mobiles
Tags : Samsung

Samsung is assisting firefighters in Ain, France in performing their duties more effectively by providing them with Galaxy Tab Active 3 tablets. When combined with the Batifire app from Batisafe, the rugged tablet enables these frontline workers to quickly obtain detailed information about buildings whenever they are called into action.

The Galaxy Tab Active 3 is also Google ARCore certified. Through augmented reality, firefighters can integrate virtual elements into their real-world working environment for more effective planning and execution (AR). The Batifire app scans QR codes at building entrances using the tablet’s 13MP autofocus camera and advanced scanning capabilities. Firefighters will receive a detailed blueprint of the building they are about to operate on after scanning the code.

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