Nordpass Embraces a Password-free Future with Passkey Support

Author : Smith
Publish Date : March 21, 2023
Categories : Apps News

Companies such as Google and 1Password are pushing for a password-free future with passkeys, and NordPass is the latest service to join them. NordPass recently announced that all users can now store, autofill, and share passkeys from the NordPass Vault, with the added convenience of platform-independent cross-device sync. NordPass Passkeys is currently available on desktop, web vault, Firefox extension, and Chrome extension.

When you log in with a password to a service, it compares your entered credentials to a server-stored copy to verify your identity. If you use a passkey, the server-stored key is useless without the key pair on your device, which is also protected by on-device biometric authentication. When both keys match, they can authenticate you to the service.

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