One UI 6 Brings One-time Passwords For Mobile Hotspots

Author : Smith
Publish Date : December 13, 2023
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Tags : Samsung

One UI 6 focuses on quality-of-life features, and one new feature that stands out is one-time passwords for mobile hotspots, which allows you to set temporary codes for others looking to connect to the internet through you.

One-time passwords are typically associated with account verification, but they can be useful for a variety of reasons. One-time passwords should be available for any feature that requires you to grant someone access to something private. OTPs are fantastic because they become unusable after a certain number of uses or after a set period of time.

Mobile hotspots are getting the one-time password treatment in One UI 6. When you set up a mobile hotspot, you can now set an OTP that will automatically delete itself after the hotspot is turned off for that session.

Users will still be able to use a pre-set password for hotspot access, but the option to set an OTP is now available. The Galaxy device generates a one-time password with numbers and symbols that changes each time you set it up. You’ll also get a QR code option to share the code more easily than manually copying it.

The new feature will undoubtedly be useful for those who frequently set one up as well as users who use it on a regular basis. As a convenience feature of Android Gadget, it simply extends the functionality of hotspots on Samsung phones.

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