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Publish Date : January 29, 2024
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The Google Pixel 8 Pro is a smartphone that has made headlines with its innovative built-in thermometer. This feature, now with FDA clearance, allows users to measure body temperature accurately and conveniently. By scanning the temporal artery using an infrared sensor and employing a sophisticated algorithm, the Pixel 8 Pro calculates the final temperature reading, making it a valuable tool for monitoring health. Pixel 8 pro temperature sensors accurate feature attracts users.

When the Google Pixel 8 Pro was first launched, the thermometer could only be used for non-human temperature measurements. However, with the recent surprise update, the phone’s temperature measuring capability was enhanced to include humans. This move comes at the perfect time, as the world is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. With the ability to measure body temperature accurately, the Pixel 8 Pro offers users an additional layer of safety and peace of mind in assessing their health status.

What sets the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer apart is its exceptional accuracy. Google claims that it is more reliable than traditional forehead thermometers commonly used in healthcare settings. The introduction of this cutting-edge feature demonstrates Google’s commitment to enhancing the capabilities and functionalities of its flagship smartphone, ensuring that users have access to the latest advancements in technology.

Furthermore, the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer has received the prestigious FDA De Novo classification, a significant achievement for a smartphone. This classification means that the device has undergone thorough testing and evaluation to ensure its safety and accuracy when used for measuring body temperature.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro’s built-in thermometer with FDA clearance marks an exciting development in smartphone technology. With its ability to measure body temperature accurately, this innovative feature provides users with an accessible and reliable tool to monitor their health. Google’s commitment to advancing the capabilities of its flagship device is evident in the meticulous design and accuracy of the thermometer. As the first smartphone in the US to receive the FDA De Novo classification, the Pixel 8 Pro sets a new standard for smartphone-based healthcare innovations.

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