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Publish Date : January 19, 2024
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As technology continues to advance, Samsung has made a significant move by spinning off its SmartThings Find feature into a new app called Samsung Find. This development allows users to have a dedicated platform for locating lost devices, enhancing the overall user experience.  The latest Android phone news reveal that Samsung Find is a new app introduced for sake of global users.

Samsung Find can be easily accessed on devices running the One UI 6.1 operating system. For those fortunate enough to purchase a Samsung device that launches with the latest OS, the app comes preloaded, making it even more convenient for users. However, for existing users looking to upgrade their devices to One UI 6.1, Samsung Find can be effortlessly downloaded from the Galaxy Store.

Previously a part of the SmartThings app, Samsung’s SmartThings Find feature has now emerged as a standalone application. This independence signifies Samsung’s commitment to continuously improving and refining its product offerings. By breaking away from the SmartThings app, Samsung Find can now fully focus on providing users with seamless and intuitive device tracking capabilities.

It is essential to note that while Samsung Find incorporates various exciting functionalities, the “notify when left behind” feature is currently absent. However, this missing feature is temporary, as Samsung has plans to reintegrate it into the app in the near future, further enhancing its utility and convenience. In addition to tracking your own Galaxy devices, this quality app will also let you find family member’s devices as well.

Samsung’s decision to spin off SmartThings Find into its own app, Samsung Find, showcases their dedication to delivering an exceptional user experience. With its availability as a preloaded app on the latest devices and the option to download it on older devices, Samsung Find offers a comprehensive solution for locating lost devices. As Samsung continues to enhance this application, users can look forward to even more sophisticated features and increased convenience in the future.

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