Snapchat’s My AI Is Now Available To Everyone

Author : Smith
Publish Date : April 21, 2023
Categories : Apps News
Tags : Apple

AI is making an appearance in more places in the tech industry, including Snapchat. As a perk for Snapchat+ users, the company released its own AI-powered chatbot called My AI a while ago. My AI is now available to everyone, thanks to the company’s efforts. Look for Snapchat on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and see if you can update the app.

If you update the app and still don’t see it, you should wait a few days. It’s most likely still in the works. If you have My AI, it should send you a chat message. When you receive the message, you will enter a standard chat. Snap collaborated with OpenAI to integrate its robust chatbot into Snapchat. So, when you chat with My AI, all of the responses you receive will be generated by AI.

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