Telegram’s Update Includes 10 New Features

Author : Smith
Publish Date : April 10, 2023
Categories : Apps News
Tags : Telegram

Telegram now has a new Power Saving Mode. This major feature can be set to turn on automatically when a user’s phone’s battery reaches a certain percentage, aids in the conservation of valuable battery life. Moreover, the firm says that iOS users can limit background updates by using power saving settings.

Another feature that Telegram has initiated for its users is the ability to control who can add them to groups. “You can now quickly send an invite link as a message to someone who restricts this if you’re inviting them. With a single tap, iOS users of Telegram can mark all chats in a folder as read. Folders can be used to quickly find the right chat when forwarding messages. Groups with fewer than 100 members will now display read receipts, which show when your messages were read by each person.

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