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Publish Date : December 22, 2023
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The Good Steward (TGS) app is a comprehensive budgeting and financial system designed to help users prepare for homeownership or any other significant milestone they wish to achieve. With the assistance of Steward, an AI-powered agent, the app provides an element of fun and guidance throughout the journey.

The Freemium Version of TGS allows users to engage with Steward and enhance their knowledge of financial literacy and the home-buying process. Additionally, users can access the Debt-to-Income Calculator to view their debt ratios and contribute to non-profit organizations through the app’s charity page. Furthermore, users have the option to add non-profits of their choice.

For individuals in the “Starter – Thinking About It” category, TGS provides even more features. Users gain full access to budgeting tools that automatically generate a budget, which can be customized based on personal goals such as creating a savings account for financial security. The app enables users to track their transactions, spending, and trends, as well as monitor their progress towards saving for a home. Furthermore, users can obtain their weekly single bureau Equifax credit score without a hard-pull on their credit report. TGS also offers a complete easy-to-read single bureau credit report and facilitates credit score tracking and identity theft restoration.

For those who are serious about homeownership, the “Serious Homebuyer” category offers additional benefits. In addition to having all the features of the Freemium and Starter versions, users can track and manage their debts, build their net worth, and monitor credit scores from multiple bureaus. The app also provides real-time alerts for improved vigilance in financial matters.

The “Determined” category is tailored to users who are fully committed to achieving their milestone goal. In addition to all the features provided in the previous categories, users gain access to comprehensive financial tracking tools. This includes the ability to monitor investments, track goals, and obtain a monthly multi-bureau credit score report in an easy-to-read PDF format. TGS also offers credit score tracking and multi-bureau credit file monitoring for Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian.

The Good Steward app combines essential budgeting tools with educational resources and guidance from an AI assistant. With its wide range of features, TGS empowers users to take control of their finances and effectively prepare for homeownership or any other significant life goal they aspire to achieve.

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