The Windows Future

Author : Smith
Publish Date : April 3, 2023
Categories : Android News
Tags : Microsoft

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is working on a project called CorePC. The goal of this project appears to be to create a modular, customizable version of Windows. CorePC, in particular, would allow for different versions of Windows with varying feature sets and app compatibility levels. The company is working hard to have this technology ready for the next major Windows release, presumably Windows 12, in 2024.

The most notable difference with this Windows project is that it allows for seamless system updates, similar to Android. Microsoft appears to be splitting the OS across multiple partitions, rather than having all system data, app files, and user data on a single partition. Many Android devices have the ability to install a system update to an inactive partition in the background while the device continues to operate normally via the active partition in the foreground.

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