This Year, Nokia Intends To Launch 4G Services on the Moon

Author : Smith
Publish Date : March 30, 2023
Categories : Mobiles
Tags : Nokia

In the coming months, the service will be launched using a SpaceX rocket. The finish telecom group, not to be confused with HMD Global, which manufactures Nokia-branded phones, intends to launch a 4G network to the moon using a SpaceX rocket in the coming months. An antenna-equipped base station stored in a Nova-C lunar lander and an accompanying solar-powered rover will power the network. Between the lander and the rover, an LTE connection will be established.

As per Nokia, the technology is designed to withstand the harsh environment of space. The company’s goal is to demonstrate that terrestrial networks can meet the communication requirements of future space missions. Astronauts will also be able to communicate with one another and mission control via the moon’s 4G network. They will also be able to use the network to relay real-time video, control rovers, and other functions.

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