Unbox 6 New Android Features and Updates

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Publish Date : December 12, 2023
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Android assists you in personalising your devices so that they are more expressive, helpful, secure, and accessible. Here’s a look at what’s latest news in Android and anticipate our upcoming Android updates.

Celebrate With New Emoji Kitchen Sticker Sets

New Emoji Kitchen sticker combinations are introduced for the new season. Remix your favourite emoji and share them with friends as Gboard stickers. There are more ways to share what’s on your mind, whether you have the perfect idea for a snap + or are cooking dinner for friends +.

With Voice Moods, You Can Show While You Tell

Voice Moods in Google Messages (beta) gives your voice messages a unique background and moving emoji theme. You can better express how you’re feeling in the moment, whether you’re surprised, laughing, or feeling loved.

Boost Your Reactions in Google Messages

When a simple thumbs up isn’t enough, Reaction Effects in Google Messages (beta) generates a full-screen animated emoji for everyone to see. Light up your conversations and show your friends how ecstatic, surprised, or perplexed you are.

More Smart Home Devices and Light Groups Can Be Controlled By Your Smartwatch

You can now turn on and dock compatible smart appliances like vacuums and mops from your Wear OS smartwatch, thanks to more controls for compatible devices. You can also instantly set the mood by controlling light groups for dinner, focus time, and everything in between.

Listen To Ai Image Descriptions

People who are blind or have low vision may be left guessing about the content if images do not have accurate text descriptions. TalkBack now uses AI to create a description and read it aloud for any image, whether it’s a photo you just took, an image from apps or social media, or a picture message from a friend.

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