Users on Facebook Can Now Opt Out Of Tracking, but There Is a Catch

Author : Smith
Publish Date : April 3, 2023
Categories : Apps News
Tags : Facebook | Meta

Users in the EU will be able to opt out of Facebook and Instagram user tracking. The reason for this is that EU regulators forced Meta’s hand. According to reports, Meta makes it difficult for users to opt out. Starting Wednesday, EU users will be able to avoid tracking on Meta’s platforms. These users will be able to “choose a version of its services that would only target them with ads based on broad categories, such as their age range and general location—rather than using data such as what videos they watch or content they click on inside Meta’s apps, as it currently does.

EU users who wish to opt out must complete “an online form objecting to Meta’s use of their in-app activity for advertising.” Meta will then review the submission and decide whether or not to implement the change.

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