Voice and Video Calling On X

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Publish Date : January 22, 2024
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The ever-evolving world of technology never ceases to amaze us with its continuous advancements and feature updates. One such feature that has been making waves recently is the automatic enabling of a new feature upon installation. This exciting development promises to revolutionize the user experience on various applications. The latest news release reveals that Voice and video calling on X.

Upon downloading the app, users will notice a panel at the bottom of the screen, warmly welcoming them to the world of countless possibilities. This panel acts as a guide, informing users about the newly landed feature. It allows them to make a choice, either embracing the feature with open arms or declining it, depending on their preferences and needs.

For those who desire more control over their app settings, there is an option to manually enable or disable the feature. This can be easily done by navigating through the Settings & Support section and tapping on the Privacy and safety button. Within these settings, users will find the Direct messages button, which can be scrolled down to access the desired feature. Alternatively, users can head straight to their Direct Messages and tap on the gear icon, conveniently situated next to the search bar.

To ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest features, users can check for updates on the Google Play Store. Look for the familiar symbol ‘x’ and observe if the Update button is present. If it is, go ahead and update the app to version 10.24.0 – the golden ticket to experiencing the new feature. If the feature is still elusive even after updating, patience is key. Wait for the magic to hit your device, as it is bound to arrive sooner or later.

The automatic enabling of new features brings forth a world of excitement and convenience for users. Whether one chooses to embrace it immediately or exercise manual control over their settings, this feature promises to elevate the app experience to new heights. So, keep an eye out for updates, explore, and delve into the possibilities that lie within the realm of technology.

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