X’s AI Chatbot ‘Grok’ Is Starting To Roll Out To Users

Author : Smith
Publish Date : December 12, 2023
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The AI race has just taken another turn, with X (formerly Twitter) preparing to launch its own AI chatbot. Notably, Elon Musk purchased a large quantity of Nvidia GPUs to train and power its own AI model. X will soon launch its AI chatbot, Grok (via Reuters).

There have been some unusual names among the Chatbots we’ve seen. However in this Android ecosystem, Google recently launched Gemini, a fittingly grandiose name given its immense power. Grok, on the other hand, has the most unusual name. In any case, it will be the face of xAI’s future endeavours.           

Grok was trained using a massive database of data. It makes use of data from all over the internet. This information will be used when it responds to your questions. Grok can draw on X post across the platform in addition to that information. This should enable the chatbot to access current information. Grok-1, the model that powers it, has been trained on data through Q3 2023. That’s still a few months more recent than ChatGPT’s knowledge, which expires in April 2023.

Grok will be available to users over the next week, and the longer you’ve been an X Premium user, the sooner you’ll be able to use it.

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