You Can Now Control Who Can Join Your Whatsapp Group Chat

Author : Smith
Publish Date : March 23, 2023
Categories : Apps News
Tags : WhatsApp

When you’re the administrator of a WhatsApp group chat, you’ll want to make sure it’s only full of people you want to participate. Large group chats can be set up to bring people together and collaborate.

When you share a group, instead of joining immediately, people will send a request to join the group. A Pending Participants page will be displayed to the administrator. They will see the accounts of those who want to join there. You will have the option to approve or decline them on that page.

This allows you to screen the user before they have access to the information in the chat. This is ideal for businesses that discuss sensitive information in a group chat. The new update also includes a new feature that allows you to filter who can join your group. When you search a user’s name, the app displays all of the groups that you share. This is useful because it tells you if the person you’re looking for has similar interests to you.

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