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Publish Date : December 21, 2023
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Are you a dividend investor in search of a comprehensive portfolio tracker? Look no further than the 22 Dividends app, designed to simplify and enhance your dividend stock management experience.

With a wide range of robust features, this app offers everything you need to effectively track and analyze your dividend stocks. Firstly, it allows you to effortlessly monitor the total yield of your stock positions, including both value gain and dividend performance. This feature gives you a comprehensive view of your portfolio’s overall performance.

The app provides timely notifications for upcoming ex- and paydays, ensuring that you never miss out on important dividend-related events. This way, you can actively plan and manage your finances more effectively.

The 22 Dividends app also offers seamless integration with Google Sheets, allowing you to effortlessly import and export your stock transactions. This feature enables you to easily organize and analyze your investment data as per your requirements.

Moreover, the app empowers you to generate detailed reports for individual stock positions and your entire portfolio, enabling you to gain valuable insights and make informed investment decisions. Additionally, the dividend calendar feature provides a convenient overview of your dividend cashflow for the entire year, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your income stream.

In addition, the app features a dividend clock that allows you to track upcoming dividends, ensuring that you are always aware of when your investments will pay off. Additionally, the overview page provides a visual representation of your growing dividends, allowing you to monitor your progress and witness the fruits of your investments.

The 22 Dividends app also caters to investors who engage in DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) transactions by providing a specialized tracking system. This helps you better monitor and evaluate your dividend growth performance, allowing you to make well-informed decisions.

Furthermore, the app offers stock charts that display your BUY, SELL, and DRIP transactions, giving you a comprehensive visual representation of your investment history. Additionally, it visualizes your average share price, allowing you to determine the performance of your investments with ease.

Lastly, the app includes a convenient watch list feature, which serves as a shopping list to keep track of stocks you are interested in. This feature allows you to monitor potential investment opportunities and stay ahead of market trends.

If you are in search of an efficient and comprehensive portfolio tracker for your dividend stocks, the 22 Dividends app is the perfect choice. With its multitude of features ranging from tracking total yield to generating detailed reports, this app is designed specifically to meet the needs of dividend investors. Experience the convenience, accuracy, and effectiveness of the 22 Dividends app, and start tracking your dividends today!

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