Google AI Support Assistant Chatbot Goes Live

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Publish Date : December 22, 2023
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In a recent development and latest news release, Google has introduced an AI support chatbot on its help pages in the beta version. However, it is important to note that this feature is currently limited to select Google Products. Among these include the Google Play Store, Google Maps, Messages, and Account. Upon visiting the support page for any of these products, users will notice a new icon labeled “Need help?” conveniently positioned towards the bottom-right corner. Google AI support assistant chatbot goes live news appreciated from all users.

To illustrate this new feature, let’s focus on Google Maps. By clicking on the “Need help?” icon, users can access the AI Support Assistant for additional assistance. The assistant will provide a range of automatically generated queries, specifically designed to address common concerns related to navigation, offline maps, and more. Upon selecting a question, the AI support assistant will promptly provide the most suitable solution. Additionally, it will also include a link to a dedicated blog post pertaining to that specific query.

For those seeking more personalized support, users can input their own questions by selecting the “Something else” option from the available suggestions. After submitting their query, the AI support assistant will diligently search for the most relevant solution. It is worth noting that at present, this functionality is also offered for other Google products such as Account, Play Store, and Messages.

In a latest news release stating Google AI support assistant chatbot goes live , the Google product support pages state that the “AI is still learning” and that it may produce inaccurate results. The support pages state that “human reviewers may process your help guide conversations for quality purposes.”

Google’s introduction of the AI support chatbot on its help pages signifies a noteworthy step towards enhancing user experience. By incorporating artificial intelligence, users can now obtain instant and accurate solutions to their queries. Although this feature is only available for select Google Products, it is expected to expand in the future, thereby providing a comprehensive support system across a wider range of Google services.

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