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Publish Date : January 9, 2024
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Samsung is generating anticipation for the upcoming S24 series by releasing a series of videos that hint at the capabilities of their flagship cameras with AI. The phrases “Zoom with Galaxy AI is coming” appear in these videos, suggesting that Samsung is poised to introduce unique features to enhance the zoom capabilities of their smartphones.

Artificial intelligence has become a major selling point for Samsung, as evident from the numerous leaks and teasers surrounding the launch of the S24 series, which is slated for January 17. Whether it’s a possible collaboration with Google’s Bard or the promise of mind-boggling camera tricks, AI is at the forefront of Samsung’s marketing campaign.

The most recent teaser comprises three videos, which can be found on Samsung’s reservation page for the Galaxy S24 lineup. Each video prominently features the phrase “Zoom with Galaxy AI is coming.” The first video showcases the lenses of the S24 Ultra, offering a glimpse of their varying zoom levels through shots of a hot air balloon. The simplicity of the video effectively conveys the potential of Samsung’s AI-powered zoom capabilities.

Samsung’s emphasis on AI in their marketing campaign for the S24 series reflects the company’s confidence in the power of this technology in enhancing smartphone photography and videography. By teasing these unique features through well-crafted videos, Samsung creates an air of excitement and intrigue among consumers. You might claim that zooming in is an action performed while taking a photo, so Samsung could introduce a feature that allows you to make objects larger in the viewfinder while taking a photo.

Eventually, Samsung’s teaser videos for the S24 series highlight the company’s focus on AI and its potential to revolutionize smartphone photography. With the promise of enhanced zoom capabilities, Samsung is positioning itself as a leader in smartphone camera technology. The anticipation surrounding the S24 series continues to build as consumers eagerly await the arrival of these flagship devices.

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